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Hot Trax From New Wax on the Racks

This installment of HTFNWOTR features 4 records that just flat out will not last on the racks. They won't. It's just silly to think that they will. All 4 are records or artists that have a proven track records of absolutely flying off of our shelves. Any collector will see that value in these records, both for their scarcity and for what's held in the grooves, both meanings.

So without any ado at all, unless you consider that above paragraph ado, I present you with 4 records that won't be mine for much longer!


"Say What!" from Stevie Ray Vaughan's 1985 LP "Soul To Soul"

Killer 'instrumental' from SRV that has it all - the shuffle backbeat, the Strat tone that is covered in butter and screams like hell, and all the fretboard theatrics you know and love from the man.


"I Don't Live Today" from the Jimi Hendrix Experience's 1967 debut album "Are You Experienced"

I had to pick this one because Hendrix most times gets painted with the happy hippy psychedelic paintbrush, but the lyrics on this tune could come from "The Downward Spiral" as much as a '60s flower child. And it's the first song I learned to play on the drums.


"Head Over Heels" from Tears For Fears 1985 LP "Songs From the Big Chair"

File this under "Guilty pleasure that makes me feel absolutely no guilt" . Blast it!


"Save Me" from Aretha Franklin's 1967 masterpiece "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You"

We've got an original (mono!) press that sounds so so so much better than it looks. It's a great player copy of a record that deserves to be played over and over and over. Just the bass playing alone on this album just absolutely grooves.

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