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Hot Tracks From New Wax On The Racks

The BIG SALE edition! That's right, today starts our huge help-us-clear-out-the-racks to make room for more records sale! Please note, the rules for the weekend are as follows:

1. Buy tons of records.

2. Especially that kind of pricey record you've been thinking about, it's now 30% off! Think of it as an investment, and the stock just gained 30% value!

3. Buy that reissue you've been looking at, sure, it'd be cool to have an original, but 180 grams? Remastered? Pure, pristine untouched vinyl? You can't argue with it. Do it.

4. Think to yourself, "You know self, (insert holiday/occasion here) is right around the corner, and (insert friend/family member/colleague) would really like some records, plus I'll be ahead of schedule with my gift buying, and then maybe (reinsert friend/family member/colleague) will buy me records for future (reinsert holiday/occasion)."

5. Leave J&B Music super happy, fulfilled, inspired, ecstatic. Especially when you realize that the sale lasts through Sunday, and you get to see The Pickin' Grinners at J&B Saturday around 5.

Easy enough, right?

And now on to the new records that will be gone soon, so get in here and GET THEM FIRST!

1. "Celebration Day" from Zeppelin's live album "The Song Remains the Same". Perfect song for day 1 of our record sale!

2. "Pictures on My Wall" by Echo and the Bunnymen. I bet when Echo met the Bunnymen they didn't even know how to play instruments or anything, but they ran into each other at the library or something, and were like, "well, I guess we're a band now, better go learn some guitars and whatnot."

3. "Shotgun Willie", Willie Nelson. Whoever (probably Willie) had the idea that funk horns would sound great with country twang deserves every medal in the universe.

4. "A Night Like This" by The Cure. Saxophone players in the 1980's really had it made. They're everywhere! From Springsteen to The Lost Boys to The Cure, they were in some serious demand, no wonder they were all sweaty.

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