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Hot Tracks From New Wax on the Racks

We've been pricing records like they're going into style here at J&B, so it's been awhile since our last HTFNWOTR, but boy do we have some HT's OTR's for ya. Dig it...

"Brass In Pocket" from The Pretenders self-titled 1980 debut album

This song is key for when "Baby Shark" gets stuck in your head. Which it now is, because I've named that which shall not be named, and that's all it takes. Cue "Brass In Pocket" and all is well, safe at last. D'oh!

"Piece of My Heart" from Big Brother and the Holding Company's 1968 LP "Cheap Thrills"

Ms Joplin makes her 2nd appearance on the playlist, and this album has it all - great cover art, fake crowd noise to make it sound live, the band insisting that a picture of them all naked in a bed be the original cover, and loud electrified blues rock. What else do you need?

"The Song Remains the Same" from Led Zeppelin's 1973 LP, "Houses of the Holy"

Zeppelin knew how to start an album - Good Times Bad Times, Whole Lotta Love, Immigrant Song, Black Dog - and this song carried that tradition on strongly. Try and not get absolutely destroyed by Jimmy Page on this one. Good luck.

"No More Mr Nice Guy" from Alice Cooper's 1973 LP, "Billion Dollar Babies"

I'm really learning to appreciate Alice Cooper these days, I think it took me a while to get around his whole schtick. He wrote some great songs, and his record packaging is really cool. We have a couple copies of this in store, and one even includes a real Billion Dollar Bill!

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