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Hot Tracks from New Wax On the Racks

Here's the next batch of tunes being added to both our shelves and our playlist

"Like a Hurricane" from Neil Young's 1977 album "American Stars 'n Bars.

By no means is this Neil's best album, but it's still a must have if only for this song and the cover art.

"It's A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall" from Leon Russell's 1971 album "Leon Russell and the Shelter People"

Killer cover of Dylan's classic. I love when super heavy lyrics are put over upbeat grooves. It's tough to pull off, but Russell makes it work here.

"Miss You" from The Rolling Stones 1978 album "Some Girls"

I love listening to how the two guitars slink their ways through this song, not really playing the same thing twice, not really playing strict lead or rhythm. They don't jump out of the speakers, but if you listen close Keith and Ronnie Wood do some incredibly perfect stuff on this track.

"Ticket To Ride" from soundtrack of The Beatles 1965 movie "Help!"

You ever heard of these guys?

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