Hot Tracks From New Wax on the Racks

October 18, 2019




Wuddduuuuppppp!  Been a while, how are you?  Me too.  I know, but don't complain, at least it's not snowing.  Yet.  Ha Ha.  Anyway, ya heard about the HTFNWOTR over at J&B?  Let me fill you in.



"Jesus Just Left Chicago" from the 1973 release by ZZ Top that everyone MUST OWN, Tres Hobres.


And he headed down to New OOOWwwleeeans.  Heck yeah.



High Plains Drifter from the beautifully remastered and repackaged anniversary reissue of 1989's Beastie Boys classic LP, Paul's Boutique


There are 7,340 samples in this song alone!



"Hands On the Wheel" from Willie Nelson's 1975 album "Red Headed Stranger"


This album is incredible.  Great songwriting, storytelling and guitar playing from Sir Willie.  So good.



"Surrender" by Cheap Trick, off their live album "At Budokan"


You can't beat it.  Don't even try to fight it.  Just Surrender.  


Thank you GOODNIGHT!

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